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Washington Quarter Key Dates

The big list of the most sought after George Washington Quarters from 1932 to 1998. Also known as key dates, semi-key dates, and or better dates. While there are more than 100 different quarters in that series issued through the years, these are the ones that collectors are readily looking to buy and sell.

These quarters are worth more than all the others for various reasons. Click on each coin's link to learn more about the coin and get details like pricing.

Year Mint Type
1932  P Key Date: 1932 Washington Quarter
1932 D Key Date: 1932-D Washington Quarter
1932 S Key Date: 1932-S Washington Quarter
1934 D Key Date: 1934-D Washington Quarter
1935 S Key Date: 1935-S Washington Quarter
1936 D Key Date: 1936-D Washington Quarter
1969  P Key Date: 1969 Washington Quarter
1935 D Semi-Key Date