TCG Bulk Submission Policy

If you have already submitted bulk or are planning to submit cards to us, please be aware you are agreeing to the following terms when sending in cards to PCB Hobby for the purpose of payment for your unwanted cards. You can view and submit a bulk request here.

Please ensure when completing the Bulk Card Submission Form that you agree to all the terms written on the form.


1. Card Submission

1.1. This service is for the submission of cards with the purpose of selling these to PCB Hobby and is NOT to be used as a way to value your collection as prices offered will be based on our buy-in price and not the card's market value.

1.2. By submitting the bulk form and handing over your cards to PCB Hobby, you confirm that you believe the cards you are submitting to be genuine cards and do not include any fakes.

1.3. You confirm that you are aware the 2 methods of payment for any confirmed Bulk Submission are either via Cash or Store Credit, where Store Credit is typically based at 10% higher than the cash value. Once your submission has been completed, you will be contacted by a member of our team to inform you of the outcome.

a.) Please wait for us to contact you on the outcome of your submission we work through all bulk jobs as fast as we can and we are unable to move you up the queue of submissions and will process your bulk as quickly as possible.

1.5. Upmost care and diligence will be used when handling and storing your cards, we will not be liable for any damages claimed after handing over your cards, please ensure all specific damages/conditions are declared before submission as any returned cards with any damage will only be covered if it’s reported by staff. Which will be documented and reported accordingly, otherwise any claims will be void if not declared now.

1.6. If you do not respond to our attempts to contact you about your submission after 30 days from our first contact informing you that your submission has been reviewed and is ready, the submission will be deemed the property of Total Cards if no correspondence is received and no funds will be payable after this time.

1.7. Unfortunately, cards won’t be returned until the sorting fee has been paid. If after 30 days of non-payment of the Sorting Fee from the date the outcome was declined, we reserve the right to add additional storage fees to the total amount owed.

1.8. If after 60 days from the date of our first contact with you confirming the Bulk Submission Outcome and the cards have not been collected / Sorting Fee Paid, the cards will be deemed the property of PCB Hobby LLC.

1.9. If you would like any item back that was submitted to us with your bulk (storage boxes, folders, bags) please declare this to the staff member accepting your bulk as any items left with your cards are not kept after sorting is complete and will be either disposed of or recycled and retrieving them will not be possible once you have received your payment. We can't be held liable once you have completed your submission and accepted payment. Please only provide your cards to us in a cardboard box or something similar to avoid any issues with personal items.

2. Estimated Sorting Fee

2.1. We estimate the following costs which will be payable before any of your cards will be handed back over.

2.2. If you choose to not accept our submission offer, there will still be a Sorting Fee which will be payable upon collecting the cards back from PCB Hobby. The Sorting Fee will vary depending on the amount of Bulk that has been submitted, there is an estimation table below. $3 Will be payable as a Minimum sorting Fee on any submission.

2.3. This sorting fee is a chargeable service and estimations have been agreed on the bottom of your submission form. Examples below will help indicate the estimated value for a submission based on the amounts noted. The exact amount will depend on the specific number of cards.

a.) 0 - 100 cards / $3

b.) 500 - 1000 cards / $6

c.) 2500 - 5000 cards / $15

d.) 5000 - 7500 cards / $25

e.) 10,000 cards / $35+ 

2.4. We are unable to accept your bulk into our system until you have signed the form presented to you when submitting your cards to us in our Retail Location.

2.5. You will not be provided with any breakdown of how much each individual card is worth but more of a total value of what we are willing to offer for the entire bulk submission.

2.6. We're unable to offer any partial acceptance on submissions, if you do not want to trade in certain cards after submitting your cards, you are free to create a new submission without the cards included but a sorting fee for the original submission will need to be paid before accepting your cards in again as a new submission.

3. Card Sorting & Grading

3.1. When we sort your cards we will evaluate the condition and market value and this will be totaled at the end of your submission and sent to you in an email.

3.2. If your cards are unsorted then this will take us slightly longer to process your cards if you, however, do have the chance to pre-sort your cards before submission this will help us process your cards faster.

3.3. Your cards will be valued based on the current market price, along with the condition grade of the card. We will get an average of sold prices at that specific grade and this will be what we provide to you in form of a submission offer.

4. Timeframes

4.1. We have no exact time on how long your submission will take.

5. Card Storage

5.1. We reserve the right to void any submission if we locate fake cards amongst your submission. Sorting fees will still be payable.

5. Buylist

5.1. We reserve the right to void any submission if we locate fake cards amongst your submission. Sorting fees will still be payable.